Friday, May 10, 2013

Review: The Vessel (The White Aura Series) by Felicia Tatum

The Vessel

(The White Aura Series)

by Felicia Tatum

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Scott and Olivia survived the dreaded dance, only to be faced with the aftermath of their meeting. Now, they are on the hunt for the descendant of Devlin Hart, the sorcerer who originally cast the curse on the Tabors family, while making the best of every moment they have together. With everything that's happening, will their love be able to make it?
Olivia’s happiness with Scott is cut short. When unexpected events thrust her in an interesting situation, she must make the best of what she has, while trying to save herself. She loves Scott, but can’t shake the uneasiness of what’s happening. When her parents are taken, her brother comes back to town, and mysterious men start following her, Olivia must reach deep inside to find her true self.
Scott is on the mission to break the curse on his beloved family, but will he also have to fight for Olivia's heart? When an interesting situation is thrown into their relationship, he must fight his jealousy and continue to woo the woman he loves. With the stress of the descendant and The Crimson Calamitous, will Scott be able to show Olivia just how much he cares for her before he loses her forever?

My Review

This easy to read series is intriguing, spell-binding, and fun. Felicia Tatum has taken magic, sorcery, mystery, and intense young love and combined them to create a spell binding tale that left me craving the next book in this series. After reading the first book (The White Aura) I immediately purchased the 'The Vessel' and dove right in. I was not disappointed.
The twists and turns in the first book intensify with this book and new twists are added. I enjoyed the way she describes scenes within the book without making it overbearing. I felt involved in the lives of the characters and found myself mentally urging them on.
Just when you think the solution to Olivia and Scott's problem is within reach, the dynamitic changes and creates an ever larger problem for the two of them. Are things what they seem or do we often close our eyes to the obvious? Will their love survive this new revelation or will hearts and souls be crushed? I eagerly await book 3. Thank you for another great story!

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