Friday, April 12, 2013

Review of Dating Husbands by Lindy Zart

My Review: Dating Husbands by Lindy Zart




Bianca has three loves: her job, her cat, and Bloody Mary's. Not necessarily in that order. Life is good, the best, until Drew sabotages Bianca's black and white world and forces her to see the gray in it. Which is really annoying, as it disrupts her Bloody Mary drinking time.
Drew Montgomery left his old life to start a new one, but still the past continues to haunt him. Bianca Fisher makes him forget, gives him hope, and confounds him, all at once, and from just one encounter. Drew tells himself to run, to run away and fast, but his feet won't listen. Neither does his heart.


I've been fortunate enough to read Lindy Zart's work before so I couldn't wait to peel back the cover on Dating Husbands. It only took a few paragraphs to know I wouldn't be disappointed. Lindy's writing style is easy to follow, flows from one scene to the next and keeps me turning pages.
Bianca's childhood and disastrous dating history leaves her embittered and cynical but her witty remarks and clever antics are hilarious. Drew's character was easy to like. I found myself standing in his corner, waving my virtual pom-poms and cheering for things to go his way.
The comical retorts and sassy dialogue were smartly written, giving me reason to smile throughout the entire read. I really enjoyed this book.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Review Of: You're Right, My Love (Nebraska Holds) by Pamela Foreman



In a perfect world, David and Annette would never have met. Their spouses would still be alive and well, supporting their families in their endeavors. Their children, seven between the two, would not be spiraling into deep depression with each passing moment.
But their world is not perfect and both must struggle with their spouse's deaths, raise their children and deal with their new-found relationship with each other. Can David and Annette learn to love each other despite their differences? Can they look into the future instead of the past? Will their own children force them to part?

My Review

Pamela weaves a sweet story that many families face today.
What happens to a woman with five children when she loses her husband to cancer? What happens to the children left behind?
Can a man learn to love again and successfull...
y raise his own children when his wife passes away?
Ms. Foreman tackles the emotional struggles that follow loss and the difficulty of continuing on without your life partner. The approach was so delicate that I found myself cheering for both the children and the parents. I could relate to the parental conflicts and I found myself wanted the surviving spouses to move forward with their lives and learn to live again.
This wasn't a typical read for me. It's been ages since I've read fiction that didn't include paranormal, fantasy, mystery, or intense encounters but I enjoyed this incredibly charming story.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Editor vs. copy proofer

Editor vs. copy proofer or AKA copy editor. Why do you need both?

As an Indie author I asked myself that same question and after 3 books that I know the answer. I want my car clean. I have someone wash it, wipe it down, and it looks amazing. There is only one problem. What about the minute details? The most awesome editor in the universe is just like the most awesome power washer in the world…a minute detail might be missed. My readers deserve more than to come through my carwash to find that bug guts are still stuck to their windshield. That's right. I said it. Editors fine tune, make it right, and make it flow…but the details behind the copy proofer is the "wax." They're the ones that find a misused word, the missed a vs. an; the missed the or then. Don't ever forego the editing, but if you bother to wash your car, don't forget to wax so it will really shine!

Monday, April 1, 2013

It's live!

                                                It's live!

With Hunter by her side, Claire struggles to gain full control of her magic as Lucian and his gang of necromancers becomes hell bent on destroying everyone she loves.

Desperate to fulfill her destiny and uphold the ancient prophecy she struggles to piece together her broken past in order to protect a threatened future. Can she accept her new abilities and shattered emotions before the gate between her world and the afterlife is forever lost, or will Claire succumb to the dark forces to which she is Eternally Bound?

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