Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Editor vs. copy proofer

Editor vs. copy proofer or AKA copy editor. Why do you need both?

As an Indie author I asked myself that same question and after 3 books that I know the answer. I want my car clean. I have someone wash it, wipe it down, and it looks amazing. There is only one problem. What about the minute details? The most awesome editor in the universe is just like the most awesome power washer in the world…a minute detail might be missed. My readers deserve more than to come through my carwash to find that bug guts are still stuck to their windshield. That's right. I said it. Editors fine tune, make it right, and make it flow…but the details behind the copy proofer is the "wax." They're the ones that find a misused word, the missed a vs. an; the missed the or then. Don't ever forego the editing, but if you bother to wash your car, don't forget to wax so it will really shine!

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