Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Review Of: You're Right, My Love (Nebraska Holds) by Pamela Foreman



In a perfect world, David and Annette would never have met. Their spouses would still be alive and well, supporting their families in their endeavors. Their children, seven between the two, would not be spiraling into deep depression with each passing moment.
But their world is not perfect and both must struggle with their spouse's deaths, raise their children and deal with their new-found relationship with each other. Can David and Annette learn to love each other despite their differences? Can they look into the future instead of the past? Will their own children force them to part?

My Review

Pamela weaves a sweet story that many families face today.
What happens to a woman with five children when she loses her husband to cancer? What happens to the children left behind?
Can a man learn to love again and successfull...
y raise his own children when his wife passes away?
Ms. Foreman tackles the emotional struggles that follow loss and the difficulty of continuing on without your life partner. The approach was so delicate that I found myself cheering for both the children and the parents. I could relate to the parental conflicts and I found myself wanted the surviving spouses to move forward with their lives and learn to live again.
This wasn't a typical read for me. It's been ages since I've read fiction that didn't include paranormal, fantasy, mystery, or intense encounters but I enjoyed this incredibly charming story.

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