Monday, May 27, 2013

My review of Park Avenue by Christopher Smith

My Review of



Sometimes, even after death, revenge carries on. Targets remain targets. People will die.

From the grave, one man's will delivers the directive. Kill George Redman. Kill Leana Redman. Kill every Redman. Finish the job, crush them all, do it swiftly, rob them of their hopes, steal away their dreams.

In Park Avenue, the sixth book in the hugely popular Fifth Avenue series (Fifth Avenue, Running of the Bulls, From Manhattan with Love, From Manhattan with Revenge, A Rush to Violence), the heat boils over as characters from each book collide in a single collective nightmare.

For the Redmans, the problem is that this one man, long since deceased, is not alone in his quest to see them dead. Others are conspiring against the Redmans, which leads to a punishing series of events as they fight for their lives.

Park Avenue, which skewers New York society to its core, is the most complicated and satisfying thriller yet by #1 international best-selling novelist, Christopher Smith.

My Review

The most difficult thing for a reader to do is to begin reading a series without having read the prequels, but that was not the case with Park Avenue. Christopher Smith carefully weaves a fast paced tale of mystery and suspense while offering just enough backstory to allow a new reader to feel fully vested in the characters and their plights.
The plot twists and edge of your seat thrills kept me turning the pages, while the occasional splashes of humor had me grinning from ear to ear. Mr. Smith delivered a fantastic tale of intrigue and revenge while keeping the story believable.
I quickly became a huge fan of the two assassins, but still found myself rooting for a positive outcome for the Redmans. Social standing, riches and fame are wonderful, unless you're a Redman on Park Avenue.
Although this was my first time to read Christopher Smith, it will not be my last. I've jumped on board the Smith train!

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