Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Small Town Book Stores.

There aren't too many small town book stores left. When you find one, you want to inhale the pages like a crack addict sucks his pipe. Though crack is common, books stores that have paper pages on the shelves, aren't.
As an Indie author who loves controlling everything from content to cover to marketing, I've learned that authors do what they do because they don't have other options. Not everyone can be traditionally published and there are many established authors who weren't traditionally published until after they made their name in the digital world.
Creative writing either burns through the artists' fingers and turns into words that touch humanity on a basic level, or it remains in their heads, making them crazy. Writers must write. With that said, book lovers must share their love of books. There are few people who need to inhale the scent of ink and freshly cut paper in order to survive. They're a dying breed of book lovers that'll never be replaced because they're the few that understand what it takes to create the art, create the pages, create the print, and in the end...create the magic.
My love, my heart, and my appreciation goes out to one of the few remaining independently owned bookstores I know of.
RedRockBooks thank you for remaining true and thank you for supporting me!

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