Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Step into the uncomfortable zone

Are you too comfortable?

Throughout our lives, awkward situations and uncomfortable moments inevitably happen. Your heart races, your palms grow sweaty and your mind instantly tries to scramble together a reasonable excuse to help you escape.

When you're in your comfort zone, the opposite is true. Your body is lax, your mind is at ease and you feel safe. We're creatures of habit and most of us enjoy the familiar routines we've built our lives around.

But what happens when you become too content? Do you become complacent, maybe lazy even? Do your daily deeds become thoughtless actions rather than purposeful intentions? What about family, work and friends? Have you allowed yourself to fall into a routine without considering the importance of your words and acts? How does your complacency affect those around you? Many couples have date night, poker night and various other "fun" nights to keep their relationships alive, but what about your art? How do you keep it alive?

If thoughtlessness can penetrate our daily lives, it can most assuredly infiltrate our professional ones.  When it comes to art, there aren't templates available to make your writing, your paintings or your music a best seller or hit. You've got yourself, your musings and your passion to see you through. There's no copy and paste button for life and there certainly isn't one when it comes to creating original art. Each piece should be a new beginning, a fresh start.

Does your pulse increase each time you enter your work space? Do you get excited when a new idea comes to mind? Do you scramble for ways to maneuver your non-essential tasks in order to make time to create? If not, maybe it's time to step into your 'uncomfortable' zone and reconnect with your slumbering artist. Wake up and fall in love again. The world awaits your masterpiece.

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