Sunday, November 3, 2013

How to write your first book?

Of all the questions I'm asked, the one that is asked the most is: "How did you start writing?"

My response, based on my deadpan humor would be: "With a crayon." ROFL. But on a serious note, I've been writing since forever. How did I write my first novel? I just wrote it. My first was handwritten and lost in a flood. So be it. I don't harbor resentment. Life has a way of directing us to what we do or do not need at the time.

Most recently, I opened up an archaic computer notebook, opened up notepad, and started typing. I've improved that method over time, but excuses are just that and I refuse to harbor excuses. That is the secret of writing your first book. Dismiss your excuses. Writing is the easy part. Even our ancestors who had stories to tell, took time to chisel it in stone. Creating your story is only the beginning. The rest of your journey is the actual tale. Are you willing to chisel it in stone if need be or will you find an excuse and blame society? If you truly have a story that needs to be told, you'll find a way. I did. Oh...did I mention I was an American Woman living in a Muslim country who wrote a controversial religious speculative story as my first book? Yea...I risked persecution. What's your excuse? Write your story.

 Best wishes

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