Monday, December 10, 2012

An unexpected inspiration!

Today I want to say thanks to someone very special, even though she doesn't realize it.

In America, we're lucky to have easy access to all the wonderful books that we want: hard copies, paperback copies, eBooks, and first editions; they're all just a click away. Not so much in other countries. I should know. I've visited 6 besides my own.

The amazing woman I'm talking about spends her time away from university to read, blog, youtube, write, and inspire other readers and writers. Why? It's simple really, she LOVES books. She'd walk across water if need be, to get that perfect first release of a second volume if she loved the first. She knocks on the doors of her book store to continuously request special orders. This woman is incredible. She lives in a country that doesn't have an abundance of book stores from the western world, but she finds a way to get them!

Besides the life of university, daughter, and friend she also takes time out to review Indie authors. She was the first review (from an unknown) that I received on my first self-published eBook. Was it a 5 star? NOPE! It was a 4 and it meant the world to me. She took the time, read my writing, and was honest in her review.

We sometimes take things for granted, but I'll never forget the first review I ever received from an unbiased blogger. Thanks so much You inspire me!
If I hadn't lived in the Middle East and experienced it for myself, I wouldn't know...but I did...and I do. Thanks for everything you do to keep the readers informed.

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  1. Thank you so much for this! And I love helping out other authors, it's great having a support system <3!