Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Thanks!

Because family, friends and acquaintances, gather JUST to enjoy each other's company, Thanksgiving has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday. I also love the guilt associated with Thanksgiving: Guilt because you DIDN'T eat enough, or guilt because you ate TOO much!
Thank you to all of the readers who have emailed, messaged, twitted, Facebook messaged, or left reviews. Hearing from you is what makes everything worthwhile! Keep those messages coming!
The last half of this year has been a say the least. The world of ePublishing was strange and unfamiliar territory, but I've navigated the foreign land and survived! I have been blessed enough to work with some amazing people who have helped me along the way. Claudia at and Ashley at who helped create the gorgeous cover for my first Speculative Fiction Trilogy The Perfect Clone, and to Ashley at for agreeing to be my editor on my yet to be released New Adult Paranormal/Romance (The Broken Series).
I've also been blessed to have met-through the power of social media-some wonderful authors who have inspired and encouraged me along the way!
Thank you for giving me so many more blessings to count this Thanksgiving!

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